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Friday, September 9th is our annual Science Fair!

This year we will be following a different format than years past.

Instead of lining the presentations up on the stage & students taking

turns coming up to talk about their project, we will set up tables

around the room for the displays (similar to how our vendor tables look at Open House.) Families will walk around to look at the projects. Students may stand by their display to answer questions or do demonstrations if they like, but it is not required.



Here are the instructions for participation:

1. You may do this as a single family group project, or your children can do individual projects.

2. Use a tri-fold presentation board (or fold a poster board into a tri-fold so that it stands up) to display data and images for your project.

3. If possible, bring an example of your work or experiment to demonstrate.


5. Fill out this RSVP Form to let us know you plan to participate so we know how much table space we'll need. (One form per family, not per child) 


If you need a little help getting started, here is a great website to assist you:  Science Fair Central


If you are unable to do a project this year we still encourage your family to attend to support our participants and learn from their presentations.

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