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Conduct & Attendance

Rude language and physical aggression will not be permitted. It is the responsibility of each parent to monitor his/her own child's behavior & exact discipline when necessary. If a child repeatedly mistreats fellow members it is at the leader's discretion to politely dismiss his/her family from the meeting.

We ask everyone to refrain from discussing "hot topics" at our activities. This is not the time or place to talk about politics or other controversial matters. Our focus is on supporting each other in the homeschooling process.

Do not bring any animals of any kind to ECHO events. (Exception for legitimate service animals)

Please do not attend a meeting or event if you or your child have had any contagious symptoms in the past 48 hours. Contagious symptoms include (but are not limited to):

  • fever

  • vomiting

  • diarrhea

  • discolored mucus

  • rash




At regular meetings we will follow any cleaning/sanitizing protocols set by our host church Harvest Fields.

For any events that involve food, we will have designated adults to wear gloves and serve.

We will not set any mask policies beyond those that have been mandated by local government. Should a mask mandate be in effect, we recognize that there are medical exemptions from wearing them. We respect everyone’s medical privacy and will not question anyone about their medical conditions. We also will not tolerate any shaming, bullying, or harassment towards individuals for their decisions to mask or not.


I am not a medical professional and I will not conduct health screenings on individuals as they arrive at activities. It has always been our policy that members who are sick must refrain from attending events. Our attendance policy still stands. If you show up with visible symptoms of ANY contagious illness you will be asked to leave. If you have had direct contact recently with anyone that has suspected or confirmed COVID-19, do not come to an event.



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