Local Church/Cover Schools


In Alabama there are three options to legally homeschool: hire a private tutor, register directly with your board of education, or use a church school.


There are many church schools in Alabama, but some require that you be a member of their church or faith. The following church schools in this area are open to the public. Requirements, services, and fees vary for each of these schools. Visit their web sites and talk with their administrators about your needs in a church school. (If you find any of this information to be inaccurate or out of date please let us know so we can correct it.)



River Crest Academy

Physical Address: 305 Wasden Rd, Hope Hull AL 36043

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 325, Hope Hull, AL 36043

Website: www.rivercrestacademy.com

Email: rivercrestacademy@gmail.com

Phone: 334-398-2008

Founder/Administrator:  Tanya Murphy

Statement: River Crest Academy is a church school for residents of Alabama who wish to homeschool their children.  It is required to be registered with your county if your child is compulsory age (6-17). Our commitment is to the children in the homeschool community.  We strive to provide up to date and accurate information on homeschool activities, field trips, curriculum, educational activities, sports, social activities, and a graduation ceremony.

Tuition: $65.00 mid year, $55.00 May 1st- July 15th(Open Enrollment)

Deadline: We accept students year round; however, applicants qualify for early enrollment May 31st - July 15.

Other: Members of River Crest Academy can receive a discount on their enrollment fee for Central Alabama Homeschool Co-op.


Honor School (not in our area but offers statewide services)

6157 Airport Blvd. #310 

Box 851061

Mobile, AL 36608

Website: www.honorschoolalabama.com

Email: HonorSchoolAlabama@gmail.com

Phone: (334) 384-4619

Tuition: Free for Basic Cover, $20 for Standard Cover, $50 for Deluxe Cover

Requirements: Parents must keep attendance but are not required to turn it in.

Deadline: None, enrollment open year round.

Other: This is currently the only open-to-the-public cover school in the state that offers free cover services.

New Hope Academy

301 Water St

Prattville, AL 36067

Administrator: Tina M. Halbert, M.Ed., NBCT, 

Phone: 334-361-9505

Website: www.newhope4kids.com

Email: coverschool@newhope4kids.com

Requirements: This is a “hands-off” cover school. There are no requirements other than the initial paperwork and yearly fee.

Tuition: $30.00 per child yearly fee ($60 cap per family)

Other: Diploma, transcript service, graduation ceremony, and guidance with curriculum choices.

Outlook Academy

P.O. Box 1027

Millbrook, AL 36054

Administrators: Daniel and Carren Joye

Phone: 334-595-5702 or 334-290-0919 (office hours 1:00-4:00 pm Mon-Fri)

Email: info@outlookacademy.com

Website: www.outlookacademy.com

Statement: Outlook Academy is a hands-off church school. Because we believe that parents are best suited to direct the education of their children, Outlook Academy asks only for what the law requires and offers support for your personal choices. We accept students from all over the state. Because we wish to use today’s available technology to make the homeschooling process as easy, efficient and convenient as possible, many of our services have Internet options, such as attendance reports via email.

Requirements: Attendance reports at the end of the year. (Not required: membership in HSLDA, meetings, minimum days of attendance, testing, curriculum review, or statement of faith.)

Tuition & Fees:  

  • New Enrollment Between June 1 and August 5
    One-time Enrollment Fee: $30
    Annual Membership Fee: $95

  • New Enrollment August 6 through May 31 (mid-year enrollment)
    One-time Enrollment Fee: $75
    Annual Membership Fee: $95

  • Early Re-enrollment (second year and beyond) May 31 through June 30: $85

  • Re-enrollment (second year and beyond) July 1 through August 5: $95

  • Member of Prattville Primitive Baptist Church: $0

  • $30 enrollment fee to add an additional child to a current family enrollment

  • $50 annual membership fee per family who wishes to use our services but does not have a child of compulsory age (Associate Membership)

  • $0 for any forms/letters needed to verify church school enrollment for driver's license permit, work permit, and dual enrollment

Deadline: Year round enrollment, but cost will vary by date.

Other: Discounted enrollment to Academy Days Co-op for subjects difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings, convenient attendance reporting via email, monthly newsletter, online support, contact information for local homeschool support groups, web site featuring curriculum information and news of home schooling interests.

Ezekiel Academy

Physical Address: 8191 Seaton Place, Montgomery, AL 36116

Mailing Address: PO Box 243034, Montgomery, AL 36124-3034

Website: www.ezekielacademy.org

Email: contact form http://ezekielacademy.org/contact/

Phone: 334-315-0010

Administrator: Maretta Oswald

Requirements: 170 schooling days, letter from pastor, disclaimer statement signed by parents, orientation meeting at beginning of school year, course of study for each child

Tuition: $200 per year per family

Deadline: 1st Thursday of August

Other: LIFT program, clubs, and athletics.

Evangel Family Christian Academy

3975 Vaughn Road

Montgomery, AL 36106

Website: www.evangelfamily.net

Email: info@evangelfamily.net

Phone: (334) 272-3215

Coordinator: Rachelle Whatley

Requirements: Membership in HSLDA; Family Church Reference form completed by the pastor of your church; 170 schooling days; open house in August

Tuition: $165 per year per family for cover service & activities; $125 for activities only

Deadline: August 1st preferred

Other: Clubs, activities, and senior graduation offered.