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Homeschooling Without a Cover/Church School

In 2014 the rules changed slightly for homeschoolers in our state. Alabamians are no longer required to use a church/cover school as a middle man between families and the BOE (it is still an option should you desire their services).

Families wishing to go "coverless" may file a one-time Letter of Intent to homeschool with your local BOE. Most families will register with their County BOE, but in some locations you may need to register with your City BOE. There are no requirements beyond that. Parents will not have to turn in attendance or grades to anyone.

Parents who would like more information or support with going coverless are welcome to email us.

(These files are view only on our Google Drive. To edit them with your own information you will need to copy or download them.)

Letter of Intent Elmore County

Letter of Intent Tallassee City Schools

Letter of Intent Autauga County

Letter of Intent Montgomery County

Letter of Intent Pike Road City Schools

When submitting a Letter of Intent make sure you keep a copy for your own records. It is strongly recommended that you mail the LOI both Certified Mail and Return Receipt so that you have proof the document was mailed by you and received by the BOE.

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