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Our Homeschool Beliefs


We believe:


  1. God has given parents the ultimate responsibility for the education of their children.

  2. Parents are equipped and capable to teach and train their children.

  3. Home education is an appealing alternative to classroom instruction due to:

    • Regular reinforcement of academic lessons

    • Low teacher/student ratio

    • Instant child-to-parent feedback

    • Personalized curriculum

    • Curriculum integrated into other aspects of life

    • Fewer distractions at home

    • Safe and nurturing environment for learning at home

    • Economy of time

    • Greater flexibility

  4. Home education encourages better character development because it:

    • Imparts parental values

    • Reduces risk of peer dependency

    • Encourages relationships between all age groups

    • Improves self-esteem

    • Encourages independent thinking and problem-solving

    • Avoids destructive competition

    • Promotes positive socialization

    • Permits a fuller and richer interaction with the community

    • Nourishes closer family and sibling relationships

    • Provides time to follow their own interests as well as to think, observe, imagine and get to know themselves

  5. Children do not belong to the state. The right of the parents to educate their children as they see fit is protected by the Constitution of the United States.

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