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Teen ECHO is for students ages 12 and up. Outings are once a month and usually held on the 4th Friday of the month. Locations, times, and cost vary by each activity. Parents may either drop their teen off or stay on location to chaperone.


The purpose of Teen ECHO is to give our teens some extra time to just socialize & have a good time together. Teen ECHO is not intended to replace attendance at regular meetings. We desire that students of all ages attend regular meetings and participate in those activites. These outings are a supplemental social activity where teens are assured to have their peers present.


  1. Teen ECHO activities are for ECHO members only. You must have a membership form on file with us for your child to attend group activities. If you have not already completed a membership form please do so on our website (click the Join ECHO tab).

  2. RSVP through our form is required to attend all Teen events.

  3. When RSVPing  you must provide an accurate PARENT email and phone number for us to contact you before or during activities.

  4. If you are dropping your teen off at an event you MUST come inside and sign your child in & out and confirm we have a phone number we can reach you at easily.

  5. If your teen is old enough to drive themselves to activities, please have them call/text you to confirm arrival/departure. Make sure you select this on your RSVP form and that the phone number you provide is the best number to reach you in case of emergency.

  6. You must pick your child up from events in a timely manner. We will not leave your child at activity locations unattended so please be respectful of other parents’ time and the host location.

  7. All teens must stay with the group for the planned activity, be respectful and well behaved. 

  8. ECHO Leaders reserve the right to notify parents that due to rules being violated their child may no longer be able to attend without their parent present the entire time or even permanently banned from all teen activities.​



Skate Zone Wetumpka. Friday, May 24, 12:00-3:00pm.

More Details on the RSVP Form

Click HERE if you are having technical difficulties filling out one of our forms.

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